A. & P. LeVine Psychotherapy, P.C.



Allison LeVine, Ph.D. and Peter LeVine, Ph.D., licensed clinical psychologists, have been in private practice in Longmont, CO for seventeen years, following extensive professional experience in community mental health settings. Dr. Peter LeVine specializes in counseling for adults and couples, addressing a variety of presenting problems including depression and anxiety, relationship and stage of life issues. Dr. Allison LeVine has a similar practice but additionally includes some services to children and adolescents.

A. & P. LeVine Psychotherapy, P.C.

Adult  •  Marital  •  Premarital  •  Family  •  Child  •  Adolescent

709 Kimbark St., Longmont, CO  80501
(303) 678-7455

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